With Objective to keep the capital city encroachment-free, Enforcement Branch in BDA was created under the provisions of ODA Act 1982 to regulate and prevent unauthorized constructions and encroachments. The scope of these activities not only includes Bhubaneswar but also the master plan areas of Khurda and Jatni Municipalities . This Branch takes up execution of demolition orders passed by Secretary, BDA under provision of Section- 91 & 92 of ODA Act. This Branch functions under the direct charge of Enforcement Officer.

This Branch initiates action against unauthorized construction and for deviated constructions made against the approved plan on private / lease land and evict the encroachment on Government lands. Apart from this, it participates in eviction program taken up jointly with G.A. Dept. and B.M.C. It also independently removes constructions undertaken obstructing the natural drainage channel in Bhubaneswar . In case of non-compliance of order of BDA it files prosecution in Civil Court .
Notices/Tenders/Auctions etc.
Office Order No. 1367/EM dtd. 01.12.2017[Tender]
RFP No. 25/EM/BDA Date:09/01/2018[Tender]
Bid Identification No. ENG-IV/Est./59/2012/93 dtd. 18.01.2018[Tender]
RFP no. 24941/BDA Dated 28.10.2017 (II)[RFP]
RFP no. 24941/BDA Dated 28.10.2017 (III)[RFP]
RFP No.: BSCL/17/17/3055 Dt-10th Ntovember, 2017[RFP]
Advt-RFP No.: BSCL/17/17/3055 Date: 10th November, 2017[RFP]
REF: - RFP NO. BSCL/17/17/3055 DATED 10 / 11 / 2017[RFP]
Notice No. 30803/BDA Dated 04.12.2017 (Ref RFP No. 24941 Dated 30.10.2017)[RFP]
REF: - RFP NO. BSCL/17/17/3055 DATED 10/11/2017[RFP]
Notice No: 32316/BDA Dated 20.12.2017 (Ref RFP no. 24941/BDA Dated 28.10.2017)[RFP]
REF: - RFP NO. BSCL/17/17/3055 DATED 10 / 11 / 2017[RFP]
Corrigendum Notice No. 630/BDA dtd. 09.01.18 [RFP]
RFP No. 25/EM/BDA dtd. 09.01.2018[RFP]
Corrigendum Notice to EOI No. 31714/BDA dated 14.12.2017 [RFP]
RFP No. 25/EM/BDA dtd. 09.01.2018[RFP]
RFP No. 25/BPTS Dated 16.01.2018[RFP]
No.1 4 8 1 1 /HUD, Bhubaneswar the 21st June 2016[Notice]
No.437/BSCL/206/2016, dt.17.02.2017[Notice]
Notification No.35/Secy/BDA, Date:26.12.2016[Notice]
Notification No. 11758/BDA dtd. 11.05.2017[Notice]
Notification No.11753/BDA dtd. 11.05.2017[Notice]
Vendor for Providing ECBC Complaint Materials /Technologies [Notice]
Corrigendum Notice No. 630/BDA dtd. 09.01.18 [Notice]
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