Information Technology  
Management Information System (MIS) Branch computerises different manually operated systems and helps in increasing the productivity & customer service of the organisation. It is consistently working towards the progress s of BDA by making the system more transparent and customer friendly. This Section is headed by the Manager, MIS and is under direct supervision of Finance Member of the Authority.

Computerization and IT initiative:

  • Property Allotment Information System (PAIS) and Online Registration: 
  • It was felt necessary to develop a system for online registration for the persons who want to purchase any asset from BDA and generate a Unique Account No. (UAN) before allotment of assets.
  • This will not only facilitate future correspondences but also help in checking allotment of double asset to a person.
  • Through PAIS, the allottees will also be enable to know their dues and make payment online through e-payment getaways.
  • Other services like issue of NOC, Transfer, Sale Deed, Lease Deed etc. can also be processed / issued through this online system.
  • A System Integrator (SI) for PAIS is on the job to develop and implement PAIS along with Online Registration for UAN.
  • Digitisation / Scanning of Old Records / files:
  • A Document Management System has been implemented in BDA.
  • Through this DMS the old records / files / maps, such as Building Plan permission letters approved drawings, Enforcement case records, Allotment Orders, Agreements etc. has been scanned / digitized and the softcopies are also kept safely.
  • Around 11,646 nos. of files of different sections containing 7,50,470 no. of pages has been scanned / digitised.
  • This will not only preserve the files but also facilitate in rebuilding a file in case it is lost or gets damaged.
  • Implementation of e – Payment & Receipt System:
  • In order to facilitate  the allottees / applicants to pay their EMD, Application Money, Instalment dues, Fees for NOC, Transfer fee, Sanction Fee, Scrutiny Fee etc. through net banking,  e-payment Gateway has been established with the help of Axis Bank.
  • This also facilitates of all other types of payments and receipts made by BDA.
  • An Online payment Helpdesk has been established at the 1st floor entrance gate in order to help the public / Allottees to make online payment to BDA.
  • Computerisation of Allottee Records:
  • Around 17,000 nos. of allottees records of different schemes are computerized & their outstanding dues calculations, demand notices, Demand Collection Balance statement are generated automatically
  • Along with the Pay-roll system, the Financial Accounting System is also implemented for better managing the finances.
  • Legal & Enforcement case records are maintained in the computer.
  • Receipt of Grievance petitions and their disposal status are being tracked in the computerized system.
  • The Biometric Attendance and CCTV Surveillance System is working smoothly. This has improved the work culture in the organisation.
  • BDA has a Web site which is providing valuable information such as; CDP village maps, Building Regulation, Zonal Development Plans, Allotment Manual, Scheme Brochures, about Town Planning Schemes, etc. along with tenders, notices etc. It also provides links for e-Payment, e-Despatch, Acts & Regulations, Online RTI etc.