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             Land Use Zonal Map
             Land Use Mouza/Village Map
             Reports and Executive Summary
       ZDP-(Maps & Reports)
             Land Use Zonal Map
             Land Use Mouza/Village Map
             Reports and Executive Summary
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             Land Use Zonal Map
             Land Use Mouza/Village Map
             Reports and Executive Summary
CDP-2010 (Mouza / Village Map)
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Planning & Building Standard Regulation-2008
Zoning Regulation
New BDPA Map - 556 Villages
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Building Plan Automation System (Citizens/Technical persons)
Building Plan Automation System (Employees)
Development Plan(IDP/CDP/ZDP/LDP)  
Sl.No Name/Title Description Downloads
1 CDP 2010 Report Executive Summary Download
2 CDP 2010 Report CDP Report Download
3 CDP Report Maps 2.1_Administrative Units Download
4 CDP Report Maps 2.2_Village Map Download
5 CDP Report Maps 2.3_Geographical Setting of BDPA Download
6 CDP Report Maps 3.1_BCUC_LU (Bhubaneswar - Cuttack Urban Complex) Download
7 CDP Report Maps 3.2_BMC_LU Download
8 CDP Report Maps 3.3_Khurda Municipality_LU Download
9 CDP Report Maps 3.4_Jatani Municipality_LU Download
10 CDP Report Maps 3.5_Existing Land use of BDPA Rural Download
11 CDP Report Maps 3.6_BDPA_Land use Download
12 CDP Report Maps 3.7_Existing Land use of Bharatpur Download
13 CDP Report Maps 3.8_Existing Land use of Chandrasekharpur Download
14 CDP Report Maps 3.9_Existing Land use of Sribantapur Download
15 CDP Report Maps 3.10_Existing Land use of East Kuakhai Download
16 CDP Report Maps 3.11_Existing Land use of Sisupal Download
17 CDP Report Maps 3.12_Existing Land use of BBSR New Town Download
18 CDP Report Maps 3.13_Existing Land use of Old BBSR Download
19 CDP Report Maps 3.14_Existing Land use of Dhauli Download
20 CDP Report Maps 3.15_Existing Land use of Aigania Download
21 CDP Report Maps 3.16_Existing Land use of Tamando Download
22 CDP Report Maps 3.17_Existing Land use of Gangapada Download
23 CDP Report Maps 3.18_Existing Land use of Khurda Download
24 CDP Report Maps 3.19_Existing Land use of Barunei Download
25 CDP Report Maps 3.20_Existing Land use of Jatani Download
26 CDP Report Maps 3.21_Land Ownership Map of BDPA Download
27 CDP Report Maps 4.1_Concept Plan Download
28 CDP Report Maps 5.1_Existing_Proposed Population Download
29 CDP Report Maps 5.2_Spatial Distribution of Economic Download
30 CDP Report Maps 6.1_Existing Road Network BDPA Download
31 CDP Report Maps 6.2_Proposed Road Network Download
32 CDP Report Maps 7.1_Nature Trend and Condition of Housing Download
33 CDP Report Maps 7.2_Future New Augmentation Housing Scheme Download
34 CDP Report Maps 7.3_Existing Slums of BDPA Download
35 CDP Report Maps 8.1_Proposed Water Treatment Plants Download
36 CDP Report Maps 8.2_Existing Sewered Area of BBSR Download
37 CDP Report Maps 8.3_Proposed Sewage Treatment Plants in BDPA Download
38 CDP Report Maps 8.4_Alignment of Drainage Channels Download
39 CDP Report Maps 8.5_Proposed Solid Waste Treatment Plants Download
40 CDP Report Maps 9.1_Existing Social Infrastructural Facilities of Zone no 13 Download
41 CDP Report Maps 9.2_Existing Social Infrastructural Facilities of Zone no 17 Download
42 CDP Report Maps 9.3_Existing Social Infrastructural Facilities of Zone no 18 Download
43 CDP Report Maps 9.4_Existing Social Infrastructural Facilities of Zone no 20 Download
44 CDP Report Maps 9.5_Proposed Social Infrastructural Download
45 CDP Report Maps 9.6_Existing Power, Telephone and Telegraph line of BDPA Download
46 CDP Report Maps 10.1_Major Recreation Areas Download
47 CDP Report Maps 10.2_Proposed Major Tourist Circuit Download
48 CDP Report Maps 10.3_Proposals for Major Centers of Tourism Download
49 CDP Report Maps 11.1 Significant Heritage Areas in BDPA Download
50 CDP Report Maps 11.2_Asta Ayatans in Old BBSR Download
51 CDP Report Maps 11.3_Areas declared as Special Heritage Zone in BDPA Download
52 CDP Report Maps 11.4_Proposed Heritage District in BDPA Download
53 CDP Report Maps 11.5_Sisupal Special Area Download
54 CDP Report Maps 11.6_Special Area OldBBSR Download
55 CDP Report Maps 11.7_Delineation of Heritage Zones in Old BBSR Download
56 CDP Report Maps 11.8_Proposed Routes in Old BBSR Download
57 CDP Report Maps 11.9_Dhauli Sankritik Kshetra Download
58 CDP Report Maps 11.10_Udaygiri-Khandagiri Download
59 CDP Report Maps 11.11_Khurda Fort heritage area & Barunei Temple Download
60 CDP Report Maps 11.12_Jatani Colonial Area Download
61 CDP Report Maps 13.1_Broad Development Zone Download
62 CDP Report Maps 14.1_Development Corridors Download
63 CDP Report Maps 14.2_Conceptual Cities for BDPA Download
64 CDP Report Maps 14.3_Proposed Landuse Plan for Zone No 12_Bharatpur Download
65 CDP Report Maps 14.4_Proposed Landuse Plan for Zone No 13_Chandrasekharpur Download
66 CDP Report Maps 14.5_Proposed Landuse Plan for Zone No 14_Sribantapur Download
67 CDP Report Maps 14.6_Proposed Landuse Plan for Zone No 15_East Kuakhai Download
68 CDP Report Maps 14.7_Proposed Landuse Plan for Zone No 16_Sisupal Download
69 CDP Report Maps 14.8_Proposed Landuse Plan for Zone No 17_ BBSR_NewTown Download
70 CDP Report Maps 14.9_Proposed Landuse Plan for Zone No 18_ Old_BBSR Download
71 CDP Report Maps 14.10_Proposed Landuse Plan for Zone No 19_ Dhauli Download
72 CDP Report Maps 14.11_Proposed Landuse Plan for Zone No 20_ Aigania Download
73 CDP Report Maps 14.12_Proposed Landuse Plan for Zone No 21_ Tamando Download
74 CDP Report Maps 14.13_Proposed Landuse Plan for Zone No 22_Gangapara Download
75 CDP Report Maps 14.14_Proposed Landuse Plan for Zone No 23_Khurda Download
76 CDP Report Maps 14.15_Proposed Landuse Plan for Zone No 24_Barunei Download
77 CDP Report Maps 14.16_Proposed Landuse Plan for Zone No 25_ Jatani Download
78 CDP Report Maps 14.17_Proposed Landuse of BDPA Download
Notices/Tenders/Auctions etc.
List of Preferred Bidders for "E-auction of plots of land for development of hotels in Bhubaneswar against RFP No.- 4534/ BDA dated 17-02-2018"[Auction]
Expression of Interest (EOI) for Empanelment of Advertising Agencies for Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT)[RFP]
Corrigendum 1 to Expression of Interest (EOI) for Empanelment of Advertising Agencies for Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT)[RFP]
Expression of Interest (EoI) for "Empanelment of Not-for-Profit Organizations for conducting 'Music in the Park' Programme, Bhubaneswar"[RFP]
Corrigendum Notice to EoI for empanelment of Not-for-Profit organizations for conducting "Music in the Park" programme in Bhubaneswar[RFP]
RFP for Selection of Developer for Nakhara Awas Yojna - an Affordable Housing Project over 6.0 Acres on PPP mode[RFP]
Details of Architects registered with Council of Architecture New Delhi from the State of Odisha[Notice]
BDA (Planning & Building Standards) Regulations-2018[Notice]
Vendors who are interested to empanel themselves may contact ECBC Cell, BDA, Bhubaneswar. Contact : Dr. Pratyasha Tripathy, email[Notice]
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for availing Purchasable FAR beyond the Base FAR[Notice]
Collection of Fire Fighting Fees by BDA is stopped with immediate effect.[Notice]
Cancellation of Tender invited vide Notice no.171/BSCL/206/2016, dt.18.1.2017 for providing Manpower Service to Bhubaneswar Smart City Ltd.[Notice]
List of Preferred Bidders for "E-auction of plots of land for development of hotels in Bhubaneswar against RFP No.- 4534/ BDA dated 17-02-2018"[Notice]
Scheme for Regularization of Unauthorized Constructions, 2018[Notice]
Corrigendum Notice No. 4 to RFP No. 20830/BDA dtd. 25.07.2018 for selection of developer for Nakhara Awaas Yojana[Notice]
Advertisement for Contractual Engagement of Assistant Managers and Manger in Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT)[Notice]
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